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Aladdin's World is one of the 6 worlds in Disney Magical World. 


Aladdin's world is split into several sections. The first section upon entering is the Bazaar where the player can purchase some exclusive items from the 2 shopkeepers. Towards the left is the platforms to Aladdin's home, which is also where the Magic Carpet is. The Magic Carpet is the make-shift portal to the dungeon, which takes place in the ancient ruins. Towards the right of the bazaar is the way to the Palace where Aladdin and Jasmine are.


  • Desert Journey Preparations
  • Stolen Treasure
  • Jasmine's Sweet Smell
  • The Merchant's New Wares
  • Ancient Manuscript of Beauty
  • Find the Lamp!
  • Delicious and Nutritious!
  • Get the Lamp Back!
  • Who's the Ultimate Fisher?
  • Catch the Thieves!
  • For a Famished Father
  • Help from Genie
  • Genie's on a Rampage?!

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