Aladdin: Just checking the place out! This is a really nice cafe you've got here! It's got [Player] written all over it!


Aladdin: Hi there! I wonder what I'll do today... I'd like to see everything I can see before it gets dark!

Aladdin: My special someone? That would be Jasmine, princess of Agrabah. She's beautiful and smart--the perfect girl!

Aladdin: ​Abu is my buddy! I can understand every word Abu says, you know. That happens when you spend so much time together!

Aladdin: ​Yikes! It's c-c-cold! I'd heard about winter, but I never imagined it'd be so cold! And you don't mind it at all? Amazing!

Aladdin: ​My best friends... are Abu, Genie, and Carpet! And you, of course! We'll be friends for life, I just know it!

Aladdin: ​Hello again! Every time I see you, you're running around from place to place, busy as a bee. I think I feel some of your enthusiasm rubbing off on me!


Aladdin: Aw, c'mon...!

Aladdin: Did you need something?

Aladdin: Hey, I like it!

Aladdin: Hey, [Player]!

Aladdin: I appreciate it!

Aladdin: Wow, how brave!

Aladdin: Yeah! That's the way!

Aladdin: You're in a good mood today!


Aladdin: ​See, the thing with clothes.., You should wear outfits that are appropiate for where you are. Heh--I should talk, right? I know, I know... But even I dress up when I go to the palace.

Aladdin: I like it! So that's the kind of clothes you like! Well, they're very you. I think they look great!