Alice: Isn't lovely? Something about this cafe just sets my heart racing! I feel like I'm being drawn into a truly wondrous place, where exciting new discoveries are around every corner!


Alice: Hello, [Player]!

Alice: How are you?

Alice: I like you, too!

Alice: I'm amazed you can do that!

Alice: Let's be friends!

Alice: Oh, my! Thank you!

Alice: What a lovely greeting!

Alice: You seem happy today!

Alice: Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Alice: You're simply marvelous!

Alice: You're so much fun!






Alice: What shall I do? Oh, [Player]! Do you have a moment? When I told my older sister about the mad tea party, she thought it sounded simply marvelous. So I statred thinking... What if I threw a tea party like that for my sister? I was looking for a table lot was using. A lovely table like that would really put us in a festive mood, don't you think? That alone would set it part from the usual tea party! But I really have no idea where I could find that sort of table. It can't be too common... Could you find one for me, [Player]?

Alice: Oh, I just knew you'd say that! Hooray! Then please do, [Player]! Sipping tea at a mad tea party table is sure to make it that much more fun--for both of us!

Alice: Over here, [Player]! You've brought the table! Yes, this is it--just like the one at the mad tea party! Ah, I remember it all so well... heh heh! With this table and a proper pot of tea, I'm positively certain I'll be able to give my sister a tea party experience that's second to none! Thank you, [Player]! You're ever so kind!