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Alice in Wonderland World is one of the 6 worlds featured in Disney Magical World and the upcoming sequal Disney Magical World 2


Disney Magical WorldEdit

Upon entering the portal, the player will find themselves in a small doorway area with the Doorknob at the end of the hall. After getting past the doorknob, the player will be in a large mushroom forest with the Cheshire Cat watching above. This area contains 2 additional portals and access to the first dungeon. After unlocking the gardens, the second dungeon is unlocked. There are 13 episodes between both dungeons.

Disney Magical World 2Edit

The world is set to return in the sequal. It seems the world is getting a new area and potentially new or re-designed dungeons.

Episodes 1Edit

Forest DungeonEdit

  • Chase the White Rabbit!
  • Tea Partying
  • Stubborn Doorknob
  • Find the Royal Roses: Part I
  • Find the Jam Ingredients!
  • Everyone's Precious Things
  • Find the Hat Materials

Royal GardenEdit

  • Find the Royal Roses: Part II
  • Ruined Rose Garden
  • The Teapot Disaster
  • More Rose Garden Ghosts!
  • To the Queen!
  • Special Unbirthday Tea

Episodes 2Edit

  • Bring Back Red!
  • Yes, Your Majesty!
  • Funny Flamingo Mallet
  • Royal Trials and Tribulations
  • Trumpety Ditty
  • Closing the Doors
  • A Fake, I Say!
  • Treasure Teapot
  • Only Rare Tea Will Do!
  • Hatter Up!
  • Bring Me a Witness!
  • Find the Fake!
  • A Curious Teapot
  • That's One Tough Cookie!



3D ModelsEdit




  • Alice's world is arguably one of the more vast worlds (except for Castleton) as her world alone is split into several sections with 2 dungeon portals.
  • Alice is one of only 3 worlds (Winnie the Pooh World, Castleton, and Alice's World) to return in the sequal game.