Disney Magical World 2: Ariel Quotes and ScriptsEdit



  • Ariel: Hi, [Player]! Did you know that you can find beautiful flowers under the sea? Why don't we go look for some together? Come on!
  • Ariel: Where are those flowers? I wonder what we'll find? This is fun! They're just so beautiful!
  • Ariel: Nice job, [Player]! It's not every day you see a flower as nice as this one. That was a fun--and we such beautiful flowers. Thanks! Let's do that again somethime.


  • Ariel: I just love to sing. Yes, singing is great. But rehearsing? Not so much. I'd rather go out for a swim than rehearse any day. Don't tell Sebastian, though.


  • Ariel: Aw, I'm happy!
  • Ariel: Oh, what happened!
  • Ariel: Thanks!
  • Ariel: You're the greatest!



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