Cafe Recipes are an important feature in the game. They come in all sorts of varieties, recipes, brands, and appearances. Recipes are gained from upgrades to the Cafe, visiting new worlds, or in DLC. Whenever one recipe list is finished a gold crown appears next to it.

On this page, you can find a listing of the recipes, their cost, their type, and other fun descriptions.

For a list of the indivisual foods, visit: Food. Complete Images of each menu can be located at the bottom of the page.


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Wishing Star Canapes A tray with three treats on it covered with cream and crystal-ball spheres of candy. On each object is a shooting star, one yellow, one green, and one idjusjnwhe Snacks Milky Way Mushroom, Spiceberry, Wishing Herbs 270
Princely Pandesal A big crown shaped food adorned with ruby and gold accents, set in a dish with vegetables. Snacks Poppin' Corn, Wheat Fruit, Twinkle Mushroom 30 P
Shining Starberry Shortcake A yellow and white-themed cake with stars circling it. The cream on top has a large gold star in the middle with a row of stars floating above it. Sweets Starfall Radish, Golden Butterynut, Premium Sweetberry 200
Princessly Tart A small tart sitting on a dish. Powder blue, frilly icing is on top with pink berry gems and a big blue orb in the center. Sweets Sweetberry, Snowbell, Butterynut 30 P
Midnight Moon Tea A white tea set with gold accents. The drink is sapphire blue with a crescent moon floating in it. Drink Moonbeam Lily, Milky Way Mushroom, Honey 30 P
Happy Herbal Iced Tea A silver and gold drink glass with caramel liquid inside of it, along with a few little green grapes. Drink Honey, Wishing Herbs, Rainbow Honey 200 P

Alice In WonderlandEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Dreamtastic Tea Biscuits Two pieces of fruitcake in a diamond pattern of green, gold, and brown. Served with yellow cream. Snacks Twinkling Herbs, Royal Milkberry, Barley Fruit 180 P
Eggy-Weggy Scones Three scones on a lavender dish. Cream is on each scone. Snack Mini carrot, Naptime herbs, Eggfruit 40 P
Chatterbox Chiffon Cake A slice of cake with a rose decoration attached it with melty cream. Sweets Royal Milkberry, Honey Carrot, Ruby Red Rose 80 P
Unbirthday Cake A tall, thin tea-rose cake covered in white cream with a row of ice-blue candies. A single candle rests in the middle. Sweets Fortune Herbs, Royal Milkberry, Flickering Candle 310 P
Royal Rose Tea A tall, three-armed pot of teal with a pink heart on it to match the tip. The bottom of the lid is gold lined. The cup is pink-blue gradient lined in hot pink and sits on a beige coaster. The liquid is pink-brown. Drink Royal Rose, Naptime Herbs, Rosy Honey 120 P
Wonderbubble Tea A crystal tea set with blue drink and a curly straw. Drink Naptime herbs, Rockcandy rock, Sunny Herbs 40 P

Winnie The PoohEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Wide-Eyed Scorched Eggs A single scotched egg cut in half with crusting to resemble eyebrows on top. They sit on a simple pale yellow plate in syrup. Snack Spicy Spicefruit, Sweet Tomato, Eggfruit 50 P

Honey Pot Tomato Tower

Three cut tomatos    stacked two on bottom and one on top dipped in honey Snack Golden Honey, Sweet Tomato, Big Bad Mushroom 200 P
Fine Forest Pudding A smooth cake resembling a book that depicts Tigger, Pooh, and piglet with three tiny plants. Sweets Spooky Carrot, Mini Pumpkin, Premium Sweetberry 200
Rabbit's Rabbity Carrot Cake A small, carrot cake with a carrot sticking out of it. Sweets Barley fruit, Mini carrot, Creamy Chestnut 50 P
Hoo-Hoo Honey Milk A honey-orange colored tea set with a single bee sitting on the lid. The rink is white and gold. Drink Golden Honey, Sunny Herbs, Crown Milkberry 50 P
All-Natural Acorn Smoothie An oval, translucent glass with honey in it. On top of it sits an acorn. Drink Rainbow Honey, Big Acorn, Wishing Herbs 270 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Seasoned Palace Pate An orange shaped pate resembling the palace tower. It has four tomato in front of it, two yellow, two red, and herbal leaf on each side of it. It sists on a gold plate. Snack Ancient Herbs, Spicy Mushroom, Spicy Spicefruit 100 P
Arabian Jewel Beans Curry A big heart shaped crispy piece of food with a small bowl of curry. In it are small gems of food. The dishes are gold. Snack Spicy Mushroom, Spicy Spicefruit, Spiceberry 60 P
Chilled Princess Pudding Pale brown and gold pudding with four pink petals/hearts surrounding it. A big blue gem sits on top, while around the bottom are dollops of cream. Sweet Extra-creamy chestnut, Jelly mushroom, Rosy Honey 60 P
Arabian Magic Iced Tea A two piece tea set of gold with orange and teal accent. The cup is tall with a yellow flower in it. The tea cup and pot have fancy curled handles. Drink Ancient Herbs, Sunny Herbs, Spicy Spicefruit 140 P
Sultan's Mousse A gold orb with the bottom decorated with edible red gems. A single feather sticks up from the center. The treat sets up on a hot pink and gold plate. Sweet Ancient Herbs, Exotic Milk, Dawn Lilium 190 P
Refreshing Oasis Water A gold chalice-like cup with water inside. Small plant sticks out of the cup. Drink Oasis Dogbane, Sunny Herbs, Balloon Apple 60 P

Mickey MouseEdit

Name Appearance Type Recipe Price
A big white mickey glove sitting on a very pale blue plate. One side has shredded yellow material, while the other has a dark colored sauce.
Button Omelet A big omelet with the bottom being covered in ketchup. There are holes on the ketchup to look like buttons. Snack Eggfruit, Mini Tomato, Rotund Onion 50 P
A small star shaped waffle sitting on dark colored syrup/sauce with tiny stars. On top of the waffle is vanilla ice cream with a mint leaf.
Mickey Pretzels Two pretzels with the bottoms dipped in chocolate with candy buttons. On a white mickey plate. Dessert Cocoaberry, Aromatic Nut, Butterynut 50 P

Smiling Mickey Latte

A mickey themed tea set. The cups have little mickey feet and handles shaped like a mickey arm. On the tops of the drink a mickey face is placed. Drink Cocoaberry, Milkberry, Honey 50 P
A translucent glass with blue liquid inside. Around the top is a pale red band resembling Mickey's pants. An edible mickey head (with face) and a mickey glove is included.

Minnie MouseEdit

Name Appearance Type Recipe Sell Price
Terrific Tomato Pasta A nest of noodles on a pink plate. In the center is a tomato and onion bow, and circling it are leaves and tomato slices. Snack Sweet Tomato, Mini Tomato, Pink Lily 140 P
Flower Power Gelatin A translucent yellow gelatin with pink flowers. It is on a pink plate with a few heart shaped leaves on the side. Snack Grace Lily, Four-Leaf Clover, Jelly Mushroom 50 P
Sweetheart Creme Bavarois A pink and yellow creme Bavarois with a big dollop of cream on top and a heart on it. Sweets Sweetberry, Rosy Honey, Jelly Mushroom 50 P
Romanticookie Tower A pile of pink, yellow, and green cookies. On top is a pink minnie head cookie wearing a small red bow. Sweets White cocoaberry, Butterynut, Golden honey 190 P
Minnie's Cafe-au-Love A two piece set. One is a pale pink tea kettle with a pink minnie bow on the lid and a pink heart on the kettle. The cup is gold with a heart image. Drink Milkberry, Exotic Coffee, Rosy Honey 50 P
Happy Apple Iced Tea A glass with honey-colored liquid inside. It comes with a pink curled straw shaped like a heart and depicts a red bow on it. Drink Balloon Apple, Golden Honey, Unmelting Ice 140 P

Donald DuckEdit

Name Appearance Type Recipe Sell Price
Donald's Hot-Tempered Salad A bed of sharp lettuce with three sliced eggs on it. The yolk is shaped like a shocked speech bubble to match the little yellow bursts surrounding the salad. Three bright red tomato are nestled against it. Snack Spiceberry, Sweet Tomato, Twinkling Herbs 120 P
Donald's Piled-High Trifle A trifle that rest in a clear cup. It is composed of pale yellow cakes and bright red jam. On top are mint leaf, white cream, strawberries, blueberries, and for decor, yellow parts resembling Donald's legs. Sweet Orange Citrus, Honey Carrot, Premium Strawberry 150 P
Seaside Soda A glass with blue soda exploding out of it. On top is a small sailboat with a sailor cap resembling Donald's on top. Drink Tropical Herbs, Sweetberry, Yellow Citrus 120 P

Daisy DuckEdit

Name Appearance Type Recipe Price
Pretty Pretty Penne Tomato sauce with a noodle heart in the center, resting on a purple and white plate with little bows and stars on it. Snack Mini Tomato, Mini Carrot, Poppin' Corn 40 P
Flowery Wreath Rings Two large brown donuts adorned with colorful flowers. Snack Dedrop Iris, White Cocoaberry, Primegrain Fruit 250 P
Heartbeat Truffles Pink and purple heart shaped truffles sitting on a plate Sweet Cocoaberry, Heartstone, Milky Way Mushroom  40 P
Sweet Daisy Shortcake A small cake rests beneath a pale lilac cream with fuchsia bow on top of it. Three small pink berries are attached to it. Sweet Extra-Creamy Chestnut, Wishing Herbs, Royal Milkberry 180 P
Marshmallow Ribbon Tea A tea set composed of a small turqoise tea cup with dark brown coloring and a small pink bow of cream. The cup rests on a small floral coaster. The tea pot is translucent to reveal pinkish liquid. The top has a purple bow to match the handle. Drinks Creamy Chestnut, Rainbow Honey, Maiden's Mint 180 P
Sparkleberry Soda A pale pink soda decorated with a pink flower. Comes in a simple glass. Drink Sweetberry, Honey, Tropical Herb 40 P

Peter PanEdit

Name Appearance Type Recipe Sell Price
An omelette/meat plate decorated with ketchup. It comes with tomato slices, broccoli, and fries. On the front is a small wooden sailboat.
Pirate Fish and Chips A green and white plate with pieces of fries and fried fish pieces. On top sits a potato skull. Snack Magmastone Plate, Poppin' Corn, Big Acorn 60 P
A chocolate, star-shaped cake with tiny gold specks all over it, one of which is a star.
Sweet Dreams Pudding Vanilla pudding adorned with candies of all colors and cream on top. The plate is green and yellow. Dessert Extra-Creamy Chestnut, Jelly Mushroom, Butterynut 60 P
A semi-translucent teapot with a pink flower design. The handle, bottom, and lid are dull green. The teacup matches the teapot. Drinks
Prankish Pixie Lemonade A thin handled, tall drink glass with pale yellow liquid in it. Attached to the cup is a pair of lemon wedges shaped like wings. Drinks Twinkling Herbs, Yellow Citrus, Pixie Dust 60 P

Beauty and the BeastEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Friends' Toast For pieces of french toast with one that has a big dollop of cream. Snack Barley Fruit, Butterynut, Yellow Citrus 50 P
Yellow Dress Brulee A yellow brulee sitting in a cup with a big candy pearl in the center. Sweets Rockcandy Rocks, Yellow Citrus, Exotic Milk 50 P
Pipin' Hot Cupperccino A tea set resembling Mrs. Potts and her son, Chip. Drink Rosy Honey, White Cocoaberry, Creamy Chestnut 50 P

Snow WhiteEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Mini Alpine-Hut Danish A danish resembling two houses, one smaller then the other. Snacks Poppin' Corn, Exotic Milk, Golden Butterynut 50 P
Whimsical Woodland Tart A bowl with yellow tart inside of it with a large frosted apple in the center. Snacks Premium Sweetberry, Ancient Herbs, Maiden's Mint 210 P
Swirly Stump Fruit Roll A fruit cake shaped like a stump. Sweets Stretchy Cypress Log, Orange Citrus, Mini Apple 50 P
Heigh-Ho Candy Jewels Sweets Rainbow Heigh-Ho Stone, Silent Sunset Lily, Rainbow Honey 290 P
Steamy Dreamy Milk Tea An apple themed tea pot with a translucent cup. The drink is white with coloring in the middle. Drink Crown Milkberry, Sunny herbs, Mini Apple 50 P
Blended Rainbow Juice An ivory mug with a purple and gold handle, lid, and design on the front. The liquid is yellow, green, and blue. Sticking out of it is a blue gem. Drink Rainbow Clover, Mini Carrot, Creamy Chestnut 210 P

Lilo and StitchEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Sell Price
Sunshine Loco Moco Snacks Eggfruit, Shinestone Plate, Big Ol' Sunflower 250 P
Magma Dog A hot dog on fire, sitting on a simple tray. On the side is a pink flower. Snack Spicy Mushroom, Twinkle mushroom, Hibiscus 40 P
Tropical Rainbow Frappe A small pale blue bowl decorated with orange flowers. It is a snowcone with blue syrup on top. A small rainbow hovers above it and a single habiscus flower is on the right. Sweet Tropical Herbs, Rainbow Heigh-Ho Stone, Maiden's Mint. 180 P
Summer Sky Ice Lolly A watermelon-shaped ice lolly with a stick attached. Sweets Sweeyberry, Unmelting Ice, Green Mint 40 P
Swirlpool Cafe Latte Drinks Abundant Coffee Beans, Crown Milkberry, Ancient Herbs 180 P
Summer Coconut Juice  Bright blue juice inside of a coconut. On the side is a red hibiscus flower. Drink Hibiscus, Tropical Herbs, Milkberry 40 P

The Nightmare Before ChristmasEdit



Name Appearance Type Ingredients Price
A tall volcano that sits on top of a melting cheese, sitting on top of sauce. A smoke ring circles the top of the volcano, while small herbs sit to the left of the plate.
Thundercloud Hoagie Bread shaped like a cloud with lightning bolts sticking out of it - which may or may not be cheese. Inside of it, lettuce and tomato is visible. It rests on a black and tan plate on top of two lightning bolts. Snack Spicy Mushroom, Thundershock Plate, Poppin' Corn 140 P
Pegasus Wing Marzipan Marizan shaped like a cluffy white cloud. Small white wings stick out of it. Sweets Rotund Onion, Barley Fruit, Balloon Apple 140 P
Amphora Yogurt Mousse A pale brown and grey vase-shaped cup with white liquid. A lightning bolt sits on top. Sweets Royal Milkberry, Empty Antique Jar, Premium Sweetberry 210 P
Fiery Infusion A grey themed vase-shaped teapot and cup. In the cup is an orange flame. The handles, spout, and top of the teacup are dark grey. Drink Genie Sparks, Spiceberry, Wishing Herbs 210 P
Permafrost Veggies A long, small beige cup resembling a colum of stone. On it is a small mound of melon with tiny vegetables sitting next to it. On top is a small green plant. Drink Honey Carrot, Big Bad Mushroom, Sweet Tomato 140 P



Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Sky-High Easter Pie A yellow flower shaped pie. It is decorated with easter eggs and a few leaves. Snack Tropical herbs, Beefy Acorn, Twinkle mushroom 40 P
Spritely Spring Salad A bright green salad with yellow flowers and thin carrot slices. Butterflies are shown floating around it. Snack Honey carrot, Mini Pumpkin, Moonlight Herbs 170P
Spring Candiflower Bouquet A basket of pastel candy shaped like flowers. Sweets Dewdrop Iris, Rockcandy Brick, Twinkling Herbs 230 P
Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Tea A long, translucent teapot with a translucent cup. Both have a green liquid in it, and the cup has a four-leaf clover. Drink Four-Leaf Clover, Honey, Sunny Herbs 40 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Price
Hot Chocolate Soufflé A chocolate mickey-shaped treat on a square plate with 2 small, green leaves to the side. There is extra chocolate on it, forming the face. Sweets Cocoaberry, Rockcandy Rock, Wheat Fruit 20 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Price
Buckarooni and Cheese A plate of noodles with sauce and cheese on it. On the top is a cheese sculpted cowboy hat with two tiny tomato on it. Around it is a lasso. Snack Mini Tomato, Primegrain Fruit, Spicy Mushroom 120 P
Coyote Cactus Churro Sweets Rainbow Honey, Mixed Cocoaberries, Rockcandy Brick 150 P
Sunset Iced Tea A mug with tea and a bit of ice in it Drink Orange Citrus, Ancient Herbs, Unmelting Ice 120 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Price
Crescent Croissant A metal six-point plate with a floating croissant shaped like a golden crescent moon. Surrounding it are three small stars that come in blue, red, and yellow. Snack Moonlight Herbs, Barley Fruit, Golden Butterynut 140 P
Astro-Goofy Cookie Sweets Mixed Cocoaberries, Comet Tail, Golden Butterynut 200 P
Big Bang Hot Cocoa A light grey mug and pot with a darker grey handle, mickey head, and design beneath it. Over the mug are two white rings with small circling spheres coming in blue, yellow, and pink. Drink White Cocoa, Crown Milkberry, Ancient Herbs 140 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Rad Veggie Ratatouille A plate of saucy ratatouille with vegetables cut into the shape of buttons. Has big pieces of cheese representing ears. Snack Big acorn, Spicy mushroom, sunny herbs 50 P
Mickey's Mixed Sandwhich A multiple layer sandwich compose of cheeses, meats, and vegetables. On top of a mickey mouse head pick. Snack Barley Fruit, Mini Carrot, Orange citrus 100 P
Yin-Yang Eclairs Two eclairs opposite of each other. One is yellow with black marks and a black mickey head on the front, the other is black with white marks and a white mickey head on the back. Dessert Sweetberry, Creamy chestnut, butterynut 50 P
Polka Dot Compote A big orange orb with cream on top. Dessert Extra-creamy chestnut, Polka dot tulip, mini carrot 100 P
Mouse-Ears Ginger Tea A white tea set with black accents. The drink is brown and has a white mickey head in the center. Drink Spiceberry, Naptime herbs, Rosy honey 50 P
Honey-Apple Iced Tea A glass of orange juice with an apple on top and a straw sticking out. Drink Golden honey, Balloon Apple, Mini Apple 100 P

First CafeEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Swirly Wrap Surprise A thick wrap full of vegetables and held together with a green string ribbon. Snack Wheat Fruit, Mini tomato, Green mint 20 P
Moonbutter Pancakes A stack of pancakes covered in syrup with a big, crescent moon shaped piece of butter. Snack Wheat Fruit 10 P
Airpuff Cookies A bowl of very light floating cookies. Dessert Wheat Fruit, Aromatic Nut 10 P
Rootin'-Tootin' Fruitcake A bowl of three slices of fruit cake. Dessert Mini apple, Wheat Fruit, Aromatic Nut 20 P
Hot Mug o' Smiles A simple white tea pot and brown mug. The drink is brown with red in the middle. Drink Aromatic nut, Milkberry, Honey 20 P
Pink Happiness Smoothie A pale pink drink sitting in a small glass. Drink Milkberry, Mini Apple 10 P


Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Sun-Seasoned Oasis Salad A dish half full of water and the other side sand. In the water sits a vegetable made floaty, and flowers sit on the sand. On the side is a palm tree.  Snack Green mint, Greenwood Brand, Rotund Onion 30 P
Beach Ball pasta A blue and white plate with pasta on it. In the center is a mickey head made from sauce. Surrounding the past are five balls - red and white, orange and white, purple with flowers, watermelon, and blue with white mickey heads. Snack Beefy Acorn, Tropical Herbs, Mini Tomato 60 P
Beach-Buoy Donut A thick donut that is red and white striped. On the side is a silver anchor with mickey head on top. Dessert Wheat fruit, Tropical herbs, Yellow citrus 20 P
Blue Sea Herb Tea A translucent bottle and cup with dark brown accents and handles. The drink is bright blue and both objects have flowers attached to them. Drink Tropical herbs, Aqua tulip, Honey 30 P
Super Summer Orange Juice A clear glass with orange juice served with a wedge of orange. At the bottom are white flowers. Drink Yellow Citrus, Rosy Honey, Sunny Herbs 80 P

Sleeping BeautyEdit

Name Appearance Type Ingredients Cost
Spring Mix Marinade A bright green salad shaped like a crown with a tomato in the center. Around it are small purple birds. Snack Honey carrot, Teeny-Weeny mushroom, Twinkling herbs 70 P
Princess Tiara Limone A yellow Limone with as mall gold tiara on top. Sweet Creamy chestnut, Yellow citrus, Golden butterynut 70 P
Forest Spirit Fruit Platter A gold bowl with an edible log on the corner, with many fruits before it. Sweet Big Turnip, Balloon Apple, Premium Strawberry 260 P
Twinkling Aurora Tea A long, thin gold tea pot with a blue design. A small gold tea cup comes with it with blue glittering liquid inside Drink Moonlight Herbs, Ancient Herbs, Tropical herbs 70 P



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