Castleton is the home world of the game where the players new home is located. It has many shops located through it, as well as portals that lead to other lands.



A shopping center full of many item types. Like outfits, accessories, furniture, tools, and other items. Minnie Mouse will show you a tour of the location and give you a free costume.

Daisy's BoutiqueEdit

Bring in any items you find and Daisy and put them together to whip up a wonderful new outfit piece.

Chip & Dale's WorkshopEdit

A furniture and tool making shop.

The TowerEdit

Yen Sid's tower where the player can create wands for their Dungeon adventures


Castle Vaults

  • Chip and Dale Need a Thing!
  • Goofy's Missing Keys
  • The King's Magic Cauldron
  • Minnie's Missing Dish
  • Mickey's Request


Sticker UnlockablesEdit

  • 1 Sticker - Unlocks McDuck's
  • 3 Stickers - Unlocks a Small Vegetable Garden
  • 4 Stickers - Unlocks Daisy's Boutique
  • 5 Stickers - Unlocks the West Flower Garden
  • 6 Stickers - Unlocks the Castle entrance
  • 7 stickers - Unlocks Chip and Dale's workshop
  • 10 Stickers - Unlocks the Cafe
  • 13 Stickers - Unlocks The Tower
  • 16 Stickers - Unlocks the Castleton Air Balloon
  • 21 Stickers - Unlocks the Shop of Wonder


Game ExclusiveEdit


3D ModelsEdit




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