Cinderella's World is the second world the player can visit in Disney Magical World.


Cinderella's World is primarily placed in a large plaza in the middle of a small town. There are several NPCs the player can interact with. There is also the access sign to the Dungeon at the very top of the map. The dungeon signpost aslo serves as the gateway to the Ballroom Mini-Game. Also later the player unlocks the carriage, which is a direct passage to Cinderella's Castle.


  • Get the Little Box Back!
  • No Ball?!
  • Dreamy New Dress
  • The Proper Outfit for a Ball
  • Where Are All the Pumpkins?
  • To the First Ball
  • To the Christmas Ball
  • Plea of the Birds
  • Dreaming of the Ball
  • Moonlight Ball Preparations
  • To the Moonlight Ball
  • To the Moonlight Ball II
  • Plea of the Squirrels
  • Masked Ball Preparations
  • To the Masked Ball
  • For Cinderella
  • Precious Book
  • The Girl's Lovely Shoes

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