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Daisy's Boutique is a shop where the player can craft outfit items together by bringing Daisy the required materials and money amount. It is located in Castleton and requires four Happy Stickers to open.

With every so numbers of stickers, more recipes will become unlocked.



A white building with many yellow and orange ribbons/pieces of cloth decorating it. 


A creamy-white building with big pink carpets and accents of blue, gold, brown, and violet. Pieces of jewelry can be seen decoratingth e room, as well as curtains, a sewing table, and changing area.


Outfit pieces are made into categories for easier finding. Each item also comes in alternate color option.


Name Price Materials
Mickey Headband 200 coins 1 Cotton Leaf, 1 Colorful Clover
Casual Cap 100 coins 1 Cotton leaf
Mickey Headband (pattern) 400 coins 1 pure cotton leaf, 1 colorful clover
Minnie Polka Dot Headband 400 coins 1 pure cotton leaf, 1 polka dot tulip, 1 inky bubble


Items Price Materials
Casual Top


Items Price Materials
Casual Trousers 100 coins 1 Cotton leaf
Casual Camo Trousers 400 coins 1 denim leaf, 1 colorful clover


Item Price Materials
Casual Sneakers 100 coins 1 purple cosmos, 1 cotton leaf
Minnie Polka Dot Pumps 300 coins 1 pure cotton leaf, 1 flexible bark


Item Price Materials
Minnie Polka Dot Dress 600 coins 1 pure cotton leaf, 1 polka dot tulip



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