Daisy Duck: Hello there! What a lovely café you have here! The atmosphere is truly second to none!


Daisy Duck: ​Do you have a second? Fashion isn't just about clothing, you know. You also have to know how to accessorize. I've been putting together a nice collection of accessories myself... but now I've run out of room to store them all. My place is positively full to bursting! Even the nicest home can be ruined by too much clutter--no matter how fashionable. If only I had a nifty shelf to hold my accessories...

Daisy Duck: ​What's that? You'll bring me the perfect shelf for the job? That's terrific! It'd be so nice to come home to a tidy house again. Yes, I think I'll take you up on your generous offer! Thank you so much!

Daisy Duck: ​I can't wait! I wonder what kind of shelf you'll find!

​Daisy Duck: ​Oh? Could it be...? Look who it is! And look what a fine shelf you've brought me! This'll hold a lot. I'm sure of it! And with that charming design, it'll fit in perfectly with my home decor. Thank you for finding such a wondeful shelf! I might have to get more accessories to fill it out. Tee-hee!


Daisy Duck: Hello there! Have you eaten lunch yet, [Player]? I haven't--I'm still trying to decide what to have!

Daisy Duck: It sure is a hot one today. The sun puts in a lot of overtime during summer. Then again, so do I!


Daisy Duck: Hi, [Player]!

Daisy Duck: How about that?!

Daisy Duck: How are you?

Daisy Duck: It's so nice to see you smile!

Daisy Duck: Look who it is!

Daisy Duck: Well, aren't you a lucky duck!

Daisy Duck: Well, aren't you sweet!

Daisy Duck: We'll be friends forever!

Daisy Duck: You look great!

Daisy Duck: You're adorable!

Daisy Duck: You've got me smiling, too!


Daisy Duck: I just know we'll have oodles of fun together! I'm Daisy Duck, but you can call me Daisy. We've all just been dying to meet you!

Daisy Duck: Are you interested in fashion, by any chance? Me, I'm a total fashionista! Let's have some fun with fashion something! It'll be a blast, [Player]! I want you to have something to commemorate our very first meeting. Here you go!

Daisy Duck: It's a piece of clothing, of course! I hope I'll see you wearing it one of these days. I was thinking about opening a shop here... with rack after of the cutes outfits! It's not quiet ready yet, but I'll be watching for you to stop by once we're open!


Daisy Duck: You look great! Your whole ensemble matches, doesn't it? That's amazing, [Player]!