Daisy Duck: Hello there! What a lovely café you have here! The atmosphere is truly second to none!


Daisy Duck: Hello there! Have you eaten lunch yet, [Player]? I haven't--I'm still trying to decide what to have!

Daisy Duck: It sure is a hot one today. The sun puts in a lot of overtime during summer. Then again, so do I!


Daisy Duck: Hi, [Player]!

Daisy Duck: How about that?!

Daisy Duck: How are you?

Daisy Duck: It's so nice to see you smile!

Daisy Duck: Look who it is!

Daisy Duck: Well, aren't you a lucky duck!

Daisy Duck: Well, aren't you sweet!

Daisy Duck: We'll be friends forever!

Daisy Duck: You look great!

Daisy Duck: You're adorable!

Daisy Duck: You've got me smiling, too!


Daisy Duck: I just know we'll have oodles of fun together! I'm Daisy Duck, but you can call me Daisy. We've all just been dying to meet you!

Daisy Duck: Are you interested in fashion, by any chance? Me, I'm a total fashionista! Let's have some fun with fashion something! It'll be a blast, [Player]! I want you to have something to commemorate our very first meeting. Here you go!

Daisy Duck: It's a piece of clothing, of course! I hope I'll see you wearing it one of these days. I was thinking about opening a shop here... with rack after of the cutes outfits! It's not quiet ready yet, but I'll be watching for you to stop by once we're open!


Daisy Duck: You look great! Your whole ensemble matches, doesn't it? That's amazing, [Player]!

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