Downloadable content is a special feature put into the game. It unlocks bonus content not originally found present in the game, like special items or new areas to explore.

This list is to provide everyone with information and images on what is found on the DLC list.


In order to get the downloadable content the player must have internet access on their 3DS. There will be a list of selectable content and all the player must do is pick what they want. Some items require real money to unlock.

List of DLCEdit

April 2014Edit

  • Shiny Mickey Headband - Free
  • shiny minnie headband free
  • Casual Easter T-shirt - Free
  • Seasonal Set Easter - $1.00
  • Mickey egg & Minnie egg - Free
  • Cafe Set: Sleeping Beauty - $2.00

May 2014Edit

  • Pirates of the Caribbean World: Port Royal - $4.00
  • Striped Tail Wand - $1.00 (Power: 1000 +4 Magic)
  • Genie Wand - $1.00 (Power: 1000 +4 Magic)
  • Dreamfruit Wand - $1.00 (Power: 1000 +4 Magic)
  • Casual Pooh T-Shirt - Free

June 2014Edit

  • Casual Space T-Shirt - Free
  • Café Set: The Aristocats - $2.00

July 2014Edit

  • Casual Mickey Mouse T-Shirt - Free

August 2014Edit

  • Casual Summer T-Shirt - Free

September 2014Edit

  • Shiny Minnie Headband- Free
  • Casual Western T-Shirt- Free
  • Witches Pumpkin Lantern- Free (available Sept. 7th along with one below, the first two available Sept 1st)
  • Season Set Halloween- $1.00

October 2014Edit

  • Casual Jack Skellington T-Shirt - Free

November 2014Edit

  • Casual Winter T-Shirt- Free (available Nov. 1st)
  • Christmas Wreath- Free (available Nov. 7th along with the seasonal set below)
  • Season Set- Christmas- $1.00

December 2014Edit

  • Casual Christmas T-Shirt- Free

January 2015 Edit

  • Casual Minnie T-Shirt- Free
  • Japanese Cafe Set- $2.00

Nintendo ZoneEdit

Nintendo Zone from April 18th, June 27th and Aug 7th has been releasing Pinocchio themed free DLC that updates every couple of weeks.

So far they have had:

Pinocchio doll hood
Pinocchio doll dress
Pinocchio doll pumps

Puppet maker wood table
Puppet maker wood chair
Small world counter
Pinocchio furniture recipe

Fairytale Tiramisu
Spouting Macchiato
Twinklestar Pizza
Feathered Hat Rice Scramble
Chocolate Pixie Medals