Fishing is one of the activities the player can do while in Disney Land after being taught by Donald Duck and gaining a fishing pole.

Fishing is very easy to do, the player simply picks a spot to sit down and then decides where to cast their line. After choosing, they wait for a fish to bite and then repeatedly push A until the fish is caught. The fish will give the player an item and then be released.


Tools Found Materials Appearance
Twig Rod Given to player

Slender Branch

Sturdy Thread

A lanky twig with acorn bobber
Proper Rod Quest from Donald
Well-made Rod Quest from Donald
Expert Rod Quest from Donald


These are in the order that the Collection page gives them. If you have information, please fill in some gaps that you find.

Species Location Rod Needed Items
Present Pike Castleton Pond Twig Rod

Cotton Leaves, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, Slender Branch

Gift Grouper Castleton Pond Twig Rod Mini Apple, Flexible Bark, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, 50 Coins


Alice's World Twig Rod. Unknown
Unknown Fish 100 Acre Wood Unknown Unknown
Bounty Bass 100 Acre Wood, Castleton Pond Unknown Unknown
Boxfish Cinderella's World, Castleton Pond Unknown Unknown
Snap-Up Snapper Aladdin's World Unknown Unknown
Silvershark Alice's World Unknown Unknown
Unknown Fish Aladdin's World Unknown Unknown
Treasure Tuna. 100 Acre Wood Unknown Unknown
Pouched Pearlfish Cinderella's World, Castleton Pond Unknown Unknown
Walletfish Aladdin's World Unknown Unknown
Pursed Pickerel Alice's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod Four-Leaf Clover, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, Soft Cloth, 10 Coins
Unknown Fish Cinderella's World Unknown Unknown
Fortune Flounder 100 Acre Wood Unknown Unknown
Caching Crab Cinderella's World Unknown Unknown
Cashclaw Aladdin's World, Castleton Pond Unknown Unknown
Hermint Crab Alice's World Unknown Unknown
Sterling Shrimp Alice's World Unknown Unknown
Crystal Crawdad 100 Acre Wood Unknown Unknown
Golden Crownfish Magic Castle (Castleton) Unknown Gilded Bubbles, Sticker.



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