Food Menu

There are many types of foods in the game. You can use these items to make food in the cafe, trade for other items, or to craft outfits and furniture!

You can acquire food items through gathering, farming, McDuck's Store, and quests. Up to 99 of each can be held at one time.

List of FoodsEdit


Name Location Ranking Appearance
Mini Carrot Small vegetable garden, gathering Bronze A small carrot
Wheat Fruit Small garden, gathering Bronze A piece of golden wheat attached to the bulb
Mini Apple Small garden, gathering Bronze A small apple
Balloon Apple Garden, gathering Silver A round puffy apple
Milkberry West Flower Garden, gathering Bronze A round object with milk splashing out of it.
Eggfruit Mcducks, general goods Bronze A white and orange split egg with a single leaf attached to he top
Aromatic Nut West flower garden, gathering Bronze A brown and beige nut
Poppin' Corn Popcorn Cart in Balloon Square Bronze A bag of popcorn

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEdit


Name location Ranking Appearance
Twinkle Mushroom Early eps Bronze A small ivory stem with a shiny light gold cap.
Milky Way Mushroom Early eps, gathering Silver A shiny indigo and purple mushroom with an ivory stem.
Moonlight Herbs Middle episodes, gathering. Silver A light golden, leafy plant.
Wishing Herbs Late eps, gathering Gold A shiny, crystal-blue herb with small glitters.

Alice in WonderlandEdit

Name Location Ranking Appearance
Jelly Mushroom Early eps, gathering Bronze A short, stubby mushroom with a lime green cap.
Teeny-Weeny Mushroom Early episodes, gathering. Silver A blue mushroom with a light purple arrow on it that points down.
Big Bad Mushroom Middle eps, gathering Gold A big red-brown mushroom with an arrow that points upward.
Naptime Herbs Early episodes, gathering Bronze A pale blue, white, and purple themed herb.
Green Mint Early episodes, gathering Silver A bright, lush green plant.
Twinkling Herbs Middle episodes, gathering Silver A bright green plant with a wisp of blue and indigo scent trail.
Maiden's Mint Later episodes, gathering Gold A sparkling pink plant with a heart on the very top.
Big Acorn Tulgey woods, gathering Silver A big acorn with a messy top

Winnie the PoohEdit

Name Location Ranking Appearance
Honey Honey tree, gathering Bronze A glass jar full of golden honey
Rosy Honey Honey tree, special gathering Silver Pink and gold gradient honey in a glass jar
Golden Honey Honey tree, special gathering Gold Bright gold-brown honey in a glass jar.
Rainbow Honey Honey tree, special gathering Special Multi-colored honey in a glas jar that has a blue ribbon.
Rotund Onion Field harvest Bronze A big orbed onion
Mini Tomato Field harvest Bronze A small, light red tomato
Sweet Tomato Silver A big, bright red tomato
Honey Carrot Field Harvest Silver A golden-orange carrot
Mini Pumpkin Field Harvest Bronze A small pumpkin
Beefy Acorn Anywhere, gathering Bronze An acorn
Creamy Chestnut Field Harvest Bronze A chestnut that is white on top, resembling whip cream.
Extra-Creamy Chestnut McDuck's (seed) Silver A big creamy chestnut with glittery marks
Butterynut Field Harvest Bronze A buttery orb inside of two big brown leafs
Golden Butterynut Field Harvest Silver A big glittering butterynut in gold leafs
Yellow Citrus Beyond the River, gathering Bronze A round yellow fruit
Orange Citrus Beyond the River, gathering (rare) Silver A round orange fruit
Sweetberry McDuck's Genera goods (seed) Silver A strawberry with a heart-shape
Premium Sweetberry Field, Special Harvest Gold A pretty pink, big strawberry with heart-shape.
Crown Milkberry FIeld Harvest Silver A glittery milkberry
Royal Milkberry Rare Field Harvest Gold A shiny gold milkberry
Cocoaberry Field Harvest Bronze Three cocoa orbs held together with a stem
White Cocoaberry Field Harvest Silver Three white orbs held together with a stem
Mixed Cocoaberries Field, Special Harvest Gold Five orbs held together by a leafy stem. The orbs are pink, dark brown, brown, white, and green.
Spiceberry Agrabah Bazaar (Seed) Silver Three brown, wooden-looking berries with a small stem with two leaves sprouting out of it
Abundant Coffee Beans
Barley Fruit Castleton, seed from McDuck's Silver A piece of golden wheat attached to the bulb
Primegrain Fruit Field, Special Harvest Gold A shiny, light gold and white fruit resembling a three-petal clover attached to a small gold pouch or stem.
Tropical Herbs Field Harvest Bronze Pink, orange, blue and yellow herbal leafs.
Big Turnip Field Harvest Gold A large turnip with no stem or leaf and a few shiny spots
Starfall Radish Field, Special Harvest Special A huge, golden radish with a star-shaped giant, golden leaf on top.

The Little MermaidEdit


Name Location Ranking Appearance
Sunny Herbs Early eps Bronze A flame-colored herb
Ancient Herbs Bazaar, Seed Silver A melon and pale mint herb with a wisp of glittering pale blue, gold, and pink.
Spicy Spicefruit Early episodes, gathering Bronze Red and orange leafs attached to a bulb.
Spicy Mushroom Early episodes, gathering Silver A red mushroom with a lighter red spiked mark on it.

Lilo & StichEdit

Pirates of the CaribbeanEdit

Name Location Rank Appearance
Undersea Mango
Pirate Pineapple



Name Location Rank Appearance
Spooky Pumpkin DLC, McDucks (seed) Silver An orange pumpkin with a spooky face
___ Carrot