DMW - Chip and Dale's Workshop

Chip and Dale's Workshop

To making of Disney Furniture at the Chip 'N' Dale's Workshop.

Disney FurnitureEdit

Disney Magical World: Furniture

  • Mickey Mouse: Furniture
  • Minnie Mouse: Furniture
  • Donald Duck: Furniture
  • Daisy Duck: Furniture
  • Snow White: Furniture
  • Pinocchio: Furniture
  • Cinderella: Furniture
  • Alice in Wonderland: Furniture
  • Peter Pan: Furniture
  • Sleeping Beauty: Furniture
  • The Aristocats: Furniture
  • Winnie the Pooh: Furniture
  • Beauty and the Beast: Furniture
  • Aladdin: Furniture
  • Skeleton: Furniture
  • Greek: Furniture
  • Hawaiian: Furniture
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Furniture

Disney Furniture 2Edit

Disney Magical World 2: Furniture

  • Goofy: Furniture NEW
  • Chip and Dale: Furniture NEW
  • Fantasia: Furniture NEW
  • The Three Caballeros: Furniture NEW
  • The Little Mermaid: Furniture NEW
  • Tangled: Furniture NEW
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Furniture NEW
  • Frozen: Furniture NEW

Others FurnitureEdit

Disney Magical World: Furniture

  • Simple: Furniture
  • Easter: Furniture
  • Western: Furniture
  • Summer: Furniture
  • Space: Furniture
  • Halloween: Furniture
  • Christmas: Furniture
  • Winter: Furniture
  • Japanese: Furniture
  • Modern: Furniture

Others Furniture 2Edit

Disney Magical World 2: Furniture

  • Easter 2: Furniture NEW
  • Summer 2: Furniture NEW
  • Halloween 2: Furniture NEW
  • Christmas 2: Furniture NEW
  • Winter 2: Furniture NEW
  • Japanese 2: Furniture NEW
  • Shiny Star 2: Furniture NEW


Disney Magical World: Disney Furniture

Disney Magical World: Other Furniture

Disney Magical World 2: Disney Furniture

Disney Magical World 2: Other Furniture

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