Geppetto: Isn't this magnificent! Just look at all customers you have! Today must be some kind of holiday, no? It isn't? Why, this café is so full of fun, it makes me want to dance!


Geppetto: Ah, yes, the holidays! Spending the holidays with your beloved family is such a delight. To be able spend Christmas with Pinocchio is absolutely a dream come true!

Geppetto: This town... There are so many people here. It'll be good for Pinocchio! Meeting different folks stimulates the brain, you see.


Geppetto: Aha! What happened?

Geppetto: Ho ho ho! Thank you!

Geppetto: I feel the same way!

Geppetto: My, my! You move so well!

Geppetto: Yes, I'm watching!

Geppetto: Yes, very good!

Geppetto: You look well today!


Geppetto: What do you think? I was thinking how nice it would be to have some kind of souvenir commemorating our friendship. It would take such a long time to carve something, though...


Geppetto: Hmm... What should I do? Oh, hello there,  [Player]  I was thinking about making a new toy, but I'm all out of the wood I'd need to make it. And just when I'd gotten the most wonderful idea... What good is an idea if you don't have the materials to make it happen? Now I'm wondering what I should do about it all.

Geppetto: You'll bring me the wood I need, [Player] Well, if you're sure you don't mind... I'm sure you'll find some high-quality materials, too. Thank you, [Player]!

Geppetto: Ah, [Player] This is some fine wood indeed! Perfect for toy making! Thank you so much. You don't know what a big help you've been. All right, then--let me get to work on that new toy. I ought to be able to make something truly special that will make Pinocchio and the other children laugh with delight! And it's all thanks to you, [Player]!