Goofy: A-hyuck! This is the best! I completely lose track of time when I'm here at your café. Can ya blame me? I'm just so... so comfy!


Goofy: ​Ya gotta talk to everybody! I bet you'll hear some pretty interestin' stuff. Course, you can always keep on talkin' to me, too!

Goofy: I got so many great pals! Everybody here is a real good friend. That includes you, o" course!

Goofy: ​Ya met Letta? Letta can deliver your letters anywhere ya like! Wonder how she does it?

Goofy: ​Nice weather we're havin'! Ya wanna hang out together? It sounds like fun! A-hyuck!

Goofy: ​Holiday cheer! I can't help but be happy during the holiday season. Mostly i'm lookin' foward to all that good food! A-hyuck! 

Goofy: ​Let's see... I'm ponderin' some real important stuff right now. Ya know, like...what I'm gonna have for tomomorrow's lunch. A-hyuck! 

​Goofy: ​I got a scoop for ya! They're sellin' some real rare stuff at McDuck's! I wonder what it could be?


Goofy: Are ya' havin' fun?

Goofy: Aw, ya me smilin'!

Goofy: Gawrsh, that's great!

Goofy: Hey there! Let's do something'!

Goofy: Howdy! How ya' doin'?

Goofy: I'm happy that you're happy!

Goofy: Wowee! That's cool, all right!

Goofy: Ya gotta love that smile!

Goofy: Ya sure picked a good pose!

Goofy:​ Hey there, [Player]!

Goofy: Evenin'!


Goofy: Welcome, pal! A-hyuck! It's nice t'meetcha! My name's Goofy.

Goofy: Oh, were ya wonderin' what I was up to? Not much! Just gazin' out at the sea. Whether ya run around, busy as a bee, or hang out and take it easy... How ya spend your days here is all up to you! Me, I like the way the ocean looks from this spot. This here town has plenty of spots to explore and discover for yourself. I bet you'll find your own favorite spot soon enough! A-hyuck! See ya later, [Player]!


Goofy: ​Say, uh, [Player]? Wanna take a picture with me?


Goofy: ​Ya musta spent a long time puttin' that outfit together, huh? I like how ya got everythin' to match like that!