Greetings are special actions the player can perform to other characters, mainly to recieve new cards from official disney characters. The character will react to whichever action was performed and then hand over the card. They can also be used when taking a picture.

To gain more greetings, the player needs to visit the king every so often. If enough cards were required, the King will teach them a new greeting. Multiple greetings can be earned in one sitting, depending on how many cards the player has gotten.

List of GreetingsEdit

Image Name Appearance
Wave energetically The player quickly waves their right hand.
Raise Hand Raises hand with posing one leg
Nod Yes A head nod
Call Out The player puts a hand to their mouth and yells
Fold Arms The player turns to the side and crosses their arms
Arms Out
Spread Hands Apart Puts hands outward, spread apart
Chuckle The character puts a hand to the side of their mouth and laughs.
Puff Up Both hands are put on the players hips
Twirl Around The character does a single, slow twirl.
Blow Kiss
Blow Kiss Putting their hands to their mouth, the character closes their eyes before spreading them out.
Spellbound The character closes their eyes and clasps their hands next to their face
Bend Down and Wave Waves with both hands while bent over
Wave Cheerfully The player waves their left hand while raising their right leg.
Wave Both
Wave Both Hands Clasps hands to the sides with one foot bent up, then the player waves both hands at the same position.
Turn raise
Turn and Raise Hand Spins around backwards, then makes a pose
Salute With a smile the character raises their right hand and puts it to their head as their legs stand straight together.
Pound Chest The character frowns and puts their fist to their chest
Smug With legs crossed and their left hand on their hip, the character smiles with a wave of their head, moving in time with their right arm.
Cutesy Bending their legs together, one hand goes on the hip while the other raises up to the side
Heroic The player leans to the left corner, then poses with their right arm raised out to the right.
Contemplate A thoughtful expression
Exasperated With a placid face the character shakes their head while shrugging.
Flustered With wide eyes the player bounces around a bit while flailing both arms
Shocked With wide eyes the player jumps with surprise
Shiver and Shudder The character frowns and clasps their arms to their shoulders while shaking
Gaze Around The character looks from side to side
Gesture Stop With widened eyes the character brings one hand to their mouth, while the other is held up.
Doze Off
Dove Off With a low head, the player brings their hands and legs together and shuts their eyes.
Curtsey While gently pulling the sides of their skirt or dress, the Character will bend down slightly.


  • The Chuckle action is based on a response typical of an Ojou (self-proclaimed Princess) type of girl found in Anime and Manga.

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