Lilo & Stitch Logo - DMW2
At the summer day Hawaii, and also you could go to visit meet Lilo & Stitch.



  • Lilo's Super Awesome Tour
  • Gather Ghost Data
  • Who Dunnit?
  • Who's Up for Hula?
  • Mellow Message
  • More Ghost Data
  • Stitch's Favorite Picture Book
  • Weave the Hula Threads!
  • Even More Ghost Data
  • Plumeria Hula-Baloo
  • Mosquito Mayhem
  • Get That Trophy Back!
  • Hula Showdown
  • Save Scrump!
  • Hu's Gonna Stop You Now!
  • Finding Lilo
  • Hula Master

Disney CharactersEdit

Models 3D




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