Hercules: Here I am! I just came to check up on you, see how you're doing. Yep! You look every inch the proud and capable café owner!


Hercules: Hey, [Player]! How are you doing? Me, I'm in tip-top form, as always! Let's you and me make this a great day!

Hercules: Phew! That Phil... He's got his head in the clouds over some cute princess he spotted here in town. Phil's a great trainer, but he can get distracted!

Hercules: Wow, is that the time? Yikes, I'd better eat lunch! A balanced diet is a huge part of a healthy body. We heroes have to stay on top of this stuff, you know!


Hercules: Hey! How's it going?

Hercules: How cool is that?

Hercules: I appreciate the support!

Hercules: Just like a hero!

Hercules: Oh, uh... wow... uh... thanks!

Hercules: Raise the roof!

Hercules: Thanks! I'm glad!

Hercules: We can do it!

Hercules: You go, [Player]!

Hercules: You seem happy today!


Hercules: You know, [Player]... you're my top-raking compantion! Er, that didn't come out right. How'd that go again? Oh, yeah! You're my best friend, [Player]!