Huey Duck: I love this place! I don't mind working at the department store, but a job here would be nice, too! So are you hiring? Ha ha! Just kidding!

Dewey Duck: Hiya, [Player]  This place is fantastic! Everything from the food to the furnishings is top-notch!

Louie Duck: Hooray! It's [Player]  Your café is the best around, [Player]  Which makes you the best café owner around!


Huey Duck: Whoa, that's so cool!

Dewey Duck: Whoa! That's awesome!

Louie Duck: Yeah! That's the best!


Huey Duck: Oh, we have customers! Come on in! I'm Huey! Fashion's my specialty!

Dewey Duck: I'm Dewey! I'm in charge of furnishings!

Louie Duck: And I'm Louie! I handle the rest!

Huey Duck: You're sure to find some great things here. Take your time and have a look around!

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