Huey Duck: I love this place! I don't mind working at the department store, but a job here would be nice, too! So are you hiring? Ha ha! Just kidding!

Dewey Duck: Hiya, [Player]  This place is fantastic! Everything from the food to the furnishings is top-notch!

Louie Duck: Hooray! It's [Player]  Your café is the best around, [Player]  Which makes you the best café owner around!


Dewey Duck: ​Hey, [Player]! If you're not doing anything, why not stop and play with me? Here, I'll ask you a riddle. But instead of telling me the answer, you have to bring it to me! Whaddya think? Fun, right? So do you wanna try it? [Riddle, see Dewey's Riddles below] What on earth could it be?

Dewey Duck: ​Oh, but don't answer it now! You've got to bring me whatever you think the answer is!  So if you know what it is, find it and bring it here.

Dewey Duck: ​So what's the answer? That's it! Good job, [Player]! It's the [Answer, see below]! I'll take that off your hands! Oh, it's not like I came up with the riddle just so you'd bring me that. That's just how it happened to turn out. No, really! Heh heh! Thanks a lot, [Player]!

​Dewey's RiddlesEdit

Dewey Duck: ​"In a strange wood it gorws, Umbrella'd its pose, No bulb, yet it glows! Answer: Twinkle Mushroom


Huey Duck: Whoa, that's so cool!

Dewey Duck: Whoa! That's awesome!

Louie Duck: Yeah! That's the best!

​Huey Duck: ​Having fun?

Dewey Duck: ​Cool! I wanna try!

​Louie Duck: ​Aw, I'm thrilled!


Huey Duck: Oh, we have customers! Come on in! I'm Huey! Fashion's my specialty!

Dewey Duck: I'm Dewey! I'm in charge of furnishings!

Louie Duck: And I'm Louie! I handle the rest!

Huey Duck: You're sure to find some great things here. Take your time and have a look around!

​Huey Duck: ​Holiday season... The food, the presents... Yep, this is the best time of year, all right!

Huey Duck: ​You heard it here first! We just got some rare goods in for sale. See anything you like, [Player]?

Dewey Duck: ​Hi there! I'm glad you came by, [Player]! How about some fine funiture. Come see what we have!

Dewey Duck: ​Now until December 25th! Check out the exclusive stock we'll have available  for the Christmas season only! You'fd sure to find just the thing you're looking for!

Louie Duck: ​Welcome, [Player]! Glad you could come by today! Have you taken a look around? You might find something you like.

Louie Duck:​ Holidays mean one thing... Presents! Lots of them! At least that's how I hopw things play out this year! Heh heh!


Dewey Duck: ​Do you like pictures? Why don't we take a picture together, then? You can be sure it'll turn out great!