Items are a big part of life in the Magical World. From collectables to equipment to furniture, clothes, food,

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 and much, much more.

On this page you will find links to the indivisual item type pages, as well as descriptions for them. 

Precious ItemsEdit

Items required automatically through the story or after completing specific quests. They cannot be used to make new items with, and only few are actually shown with a use, while others just help the player progress to events.You can not sell these items.


Items the player can use to decorate their shop or bedroom.


Items usually found during quests or in specific worlds. Used to make new items or for quests.


These items play a big role in the game. From being harvested for quests, to using them for recipes in the cafe and other items.


Easy to find material for making furniture.


(Also see: Gardening) To make new items. Can be found as wood, minerals, foods, flowers, and more.


For collecting in game, show the King whenever you get more.


Outfits the player can buy, recieve, or make. Come in dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, costumes, and accessories.


The "weapons" players are able to use during their quests in other worlds.


Also see: Clothing For doing things like fishing, tending to plants, weapons, and others.

AR CardsEdit

Used for gaining extra items in game.

DLC/Download ContentEdit

Used for gaining extra items in game.From time to time more is added.


Items used for object making that do not fit in any other category.


  • The item ranking can be determined by the sound the item makes when found.


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