Name Marie
Species Cat
Home World Castleton
Franchise The Aristocats
Marie is a small kitten found in Disney Magical World. She is available only through Download Content and will make an appearance if the series set she is in is purchased.


Marie is innocent and feminine with a romantic view towards most things.


Marie is a small white purebred Turkish Angora. She has long white fur with a small amount of it pulled into a ponytail held with a pink bow, matching the giant bow wrapped around her neck. She has a light pink nose and matching coloring inside each ear. She has blue feminine eyes and three whiskers on each cheek.

Items Based on MarieEdit

  • Aristocats Furniture, which includes: A Marie statue, chairs, bed, chandelier
  • Aristocat Recipes
  • Marie Headband
  • Marie Dress




  • Marie inherited her appearance from her mother.
  • She has two brothers, neither of whom resemble her.



Disney Magical World: Marie Photos

Disney Magical World 2: Marie Photos

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