McDuck's is the first shop the player can open up in Castleton. It is a big mall full of goods fitting all categories, like tools, outfits, furniture, and more. There is also a resale shop on the top floor.

It is run by Scrooge McDuck, with assistance from Donald Duck's newphews, Huey, Dewey, Louie. To unlock it the player needs one sticker.



A light colored building with rich, royal red and gold accents. It has many fancy windows with black detailing and plant life in the front.

First FloorEdit

A rich building resembling a fancy hotel. It has many shades of golden accenting, and many royal red carpets. There are two sets of spiraling stairs that lead to the top floor. On the left is the clothing section, while the right has furniture and the back has some materials for item crafting.

Second FloorEdit



Outfit Name Price
Minnie Cute Outfit Free (if selected during first visit)
Mickey __ Outfit Free (if selected during first visit)
Pooh Stylish Jacket 1200 coins
Alice Cute Shirt 1200 Coins
Peter Pan Stylish Jeans 800 coins
Peter Pan Stylish Sneakers 600 coins
Stitch Stylish Sneakers 600 coins
Tink Pumps 600 coins
Mickey Styish sneakers 600 coins


Items Price
Scrump Doll 2400 coins
Simple Mini Light 1500 coins
Decorative Plant 1500 coins
Simple Table 1500 coins


Items Price
Mini Apple 150
Wheat Fruit 150
Eggfruit 150
Sturdy Thread 150
Aromatic Nut 150
Cotton Leaves 150
Flexible Bark 150
Soft Cloth 150