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Disney Magical World: Mickey Mouse Script Edit


  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya, pal! Good to see ya! This is a really nice café ya got here! I'm gonna make the most of my visit, that's for sure!


  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya, [Player]! I was gatherin' up some flower seeds. Minnie's lookin' to do some gardenin', so I thought I'd try to find as many different seeds as I could. But no matter how hard I look, there's this one seed I just can't seem to find. Gosh, I'm in a real fix...
  • Mickey Mouse: Ya mean you'll look for it for me? Aw, thanks, pal! Not to rush ya, but I'd hate to keep Minnie waitin' too long. Thanks a lot, [Player]!
  • Mickey Mouse: That's it! That's the seed Minnie was lookin' for, all right! Now my collection of seeds for Minnie is complete! Why, if Minnie knew what a big help ya were, I know she'd be pleased as punch! Ha-ha! Thanks a lot, [Player]!


  • Mickey Mouse: Easter means spring's here! C'mon, everybody! Let's celebrated spring!
  • Mickey Mouse: Hey, [Player]! Seein' ya run around all full of energy like that... Why, it makes me awful happy!
  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya, [Player]! Hot dog, I sure am glad to see ya! I hope ya have a great day!
  • Mickey Mouse: I just love the holiday season! Getting together with friends and presents... Did ja get your shopping done?
  • Mickey Mouse: Keep your ears open! When ya get close enough to somebody, ya might hear 'em mumble somethin'. If what they say sounds interestin' enough, go ahead and talk to 'em!
  • Mickey Mouse:


  • Mickey Mouse: Glad to know ya!
  • Mickey Mouse: Hey! How's it goin'?
  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya!
  • Mickey Mouse: Hooray! You did it!
  • Mickey Mouse: Hot dog! Same here!
  • Mickey Mouse: I'm thrilled!
  • Mickey Mouse: Nice! That's really cool!
  • Mickey Mouse: Oh, boy! How fun!
  • Mickey Mouse: That's great, [Player]!
  • Mickey Mouse: Ya got this one for sure!
  • Mickey Mouse: You're the best, pal!


  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya, pal! Welcome to the castle! I'm Mickey! It sure is great that you could join us.
  • Mickey Mouse: Gosh, everythin' must be so new and excitin' for ya! Your Magic Castle Passport brought ya here, right? That means you're an official resident now--like us!
  • Mickey Mouse: I got somethin' for ya, [Player]. It's a welcome present from us to you! Here ya go!
  • Mickey Mouse: I sure hope you like it!
  • Mickey Mouse: Wow, [Player]! It's like it was made for ya! What d'ya think, Minnie?

Disney Magical World 2: Mickey Mouse Script Edit


  • Mickey Mouse: Hiya, pal! Wow! Your cafe is awesome, [Player]. I can't thank ya enough for invitin' me over.
  • Mickey Mouse: Today I feel like I pure fun runnin' all through me! C'mon, [Player]--dance with us! It's show time!


  • Mickey Mouse: Got a second? Wanna go on a treasure hunt, [Player]? Ya never know what cool things ya might find here in Castleton. C'mon, I'll go with ya.
  • Mickey Mouse: Oh boy! We're gonna find some treasure! Wonder what we'll discover? Can't wait to see what sort of surprise we'll find. Hot dog! Ya found some treasure!
  • Mickey Mouse: We did it! Great job, pal. That sure was a lot of fun. Let's go treasure huntin' again soon, OK?


  • Mickey Mouse: Did ya hear that? When you get cloes to folks, they'll call out to ya. It ya hear somethin' interestin', try talking to em'.
  • Mickey Mouse: Happy Holidays! I love the holidays season. Especially spending time with friends like you.
  • Mickey Mouse: Happy New Year! Let's make it the best one yet, [Player]! Bein' friends with you is a great head start! Ha-ha!
  • Mickey Mouse: It's almost Valentine's Day... Gosh, I gotta remember to get something for Minnie.
  • Mickey Mouse: Oh boy, it's [Player]! I was just playin' with Pluto. By the smile on his face, I'd say he's gald to meet ya!


  • Mickey Mouse: Awww...
  • Mickey Mouse: Aw, I like you, too.
  • Mickey Mouse: Great smile, pal!
  • Mickey Mouse: Heh heh!


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