Disney Magical World: Minnie Mouse Quotes and ScriptsEdit


  • Minnie Mouse: What a fantastic café! I can't help but I see all the fashionable touches you've put on the place. Just begin here puts me in such a wonderful, happy mood!


  • Minnie Mouse: Now what do I do? I told Mickey I'd make him some homemade candy, and I thought I had everything I needed for the recipe. But it turns out I don't have enough of one of the ingredients. And Mickey was really looking forward to them, too...
  • Minnie Mouse: You'll bring me the last ingredient I need? Goodness, [Player]! You're about the sweetest person I know! If you insist...yes, please! And thank you! Mickey's waiting, so please try to find it as quickly as you can. I'll be right here! Thank you again!
  • Minnie Mouse: Oh, [Player]! You've brought me the last ingredient I needed for those candies! Yes, that's it, all right. Thank you so much! I'd better get right down to work then. Tee-hee! I can just picture Mickey's face once he takes that first bite!


  • Minnie Mouse: Guess what, guess what? McDuck's is selling some very rare merchandise! We have to check it out!
  • Minnie Mouse: Greetings! Is it true you've added new dishes to café menu? You really are a hard worker, [Player]!
  • Minnie Mouse: Hello, [Player]! It looks like you're enjoying your stay here. I hope today is another fun day for us both!
  • Minnie Mouse: Hello! Nice weather we're having! It really boots my spirits.
  • Minnie Mouse: Holiday season is the best! I'm thinking about baking some gingerbread cookies. You can cut them into the most charming shapes!
  • Minnie Mouse: Let's see... If you're looking for compliments, fashion's the easiest way to get them. Try putting on a new outfit and greeting everyone!
  • Minnie Mouse: Spring has sprung! It really feels like spring now that Easter's on its way.
  • Minnie Mouse: What's your favorite outfit? Everyone here has his or her own tastes when it comes to fashion. Wear someone's favorite outfit and they'll shower you with compliments!
  • Minnie Mouse: You can do it! What one thing are most crazy about right now? Whatever it is, I'll support you all the way!
  • Minnie Mouse: You know what? I have such a sweet tooth! What about you? Maybe we're sweet tooth twins!


  • Minnie Mouse: Greetings! How are you?
  • Minnie Mouse: Hello!! How are you doing?
  • Minnie Mouse: Hello there, [Player]!
  • Minnie Mouse: Hooray! You must be so happy!
  • Minnie Mouse: Oh, my! How nice of you!
  • Minnie Mouse: Tee-hee! That's fantastic!
  • Minnie Mouse: That's wonderful!
  • Minnie Mouse: Thank you so much!
  • Minnie Mouse: Your smile is so infectious!
  • Minnie Mouse: You're the best!


  • Minnie Mouse: You're here! Oh, I'm so happy can could join us! My name's Minnie Mouse. And you must be... you!
  • Minnie Mouse: This is Castleton! Folks who believe in their dreams come here from all over. Enjoy your stay!
  • Minnie Mouse: Tee hee! What do you think? Isn't it darling?
  • Minnie Mouse: Ooh, try it on! I want to see how it looks!
  • Minnie Mouse: It's just perfect! Say, [Player], why dontcha take a stroll around town and get a feel for the place? You might run into the rest of the gang here, too. Make sure you say hi!


  • Minnie Mouse: Oh, how wonderful! That outfit is so amazing! No wonder I'm always so excited to see what you're wearing!


  • Minnie Mouse: Say, [Player]! Let's take a picture together! C'mon, strike a pose!

Disney Magical World 2: Minnie Mouse Quotes and ScriptsEdit


  • Minnie Mouse: Hello, [Player]! My, what a stylish cafe--it's very you! Why, just being here makes me happy!
  • Minnie Mouse: Tee hee! The party's in full swing now! But I know how to REALLY get things moving--with a dance! Let's start the show!


  • Minnie Mouse: Do you have a moment? Say, I was just about to go flower-picking up on the hill. Wouldn't it be fun if we went together? C'mon, let's go!
  • Minnie Mouse: Here we go! Hmm, which one? You'd like that one? Oh, my! What lovely flowers!
  • Minnie Mouse: I found some darling flowers myself! Today was so much fun! Thanks for joining me, [Player]!


  • Minnie Mouse: Can I ask you a favor? Once you put on a new outfit, come model it for me, OK? I like coming up with my own ensembles, of coures, but seeing what my friends wear is a lot of fun, too!
  • Minnie Mouse: Dressing up is fun! Everyone in Castleton is wild about fashion. If you wear a full matching outfut, I'm sure you'll get some "Nice!" comments!
  • Minnie Mouse: Happy New Year! I hope this year is your best one yet! Here's to another year as friends, [Player]!
  • Minnie Mouse: Hello there, [Player]! Whenever I see you, you have a big smile on your face. It's quite contagious!
  • Minnie Mouse: Holiday goodies... I think I'll bake up a batch of gingerbread cookies! Those cute little doll shapes are so much fun to decorate!
  • Minnie Mouse: Yoo-hoo! I came Daisy's Boutique looking for some new clothes. She has so many nice things--how will I ever choose?


  • Minnie Mouse: Aren't you sweet!
  • Minnie Mouse: MWAA!
  • Minnie Mouse: Oh, how nice!
  • Minnie Mouse: Why, that's wonderful!


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