Quest Outfits are special clothing the player can make for use as an everyday outfit and for their quests in the different worlds. Like wands and fishing rods, they can be upgraded to gain better stats.

Each quest outfit comes in two variations, either by gender difference or coloring.


Outfit Name Pieces Materials Theme Bonus Cost
Messenger Quest Outfit Style 1
Messenger Quest Cap (Brown) + Messenger Quest Clothes (Yellow) + Messenger Quest Boots (Brown)
Style 2
Messenger Quest Cap (Tan) + Messenger Quest Clothes (Blue) + Messenger Quest Boots (Tan)
Robust Cloth + Grace Lily + Bendy Bark Cinderella HP + 1 800 P
A yellow jacket with white elbow-length sleeves held with brown buttons and a belt. It includes denim pants and dark brown boots to match the cap.

It's other colored variant includes a denim-blue jacket with white buttons, beige pants, and pale brown boots and cap.

Footman Quest Outfit Style 1
Footman Quest Cap (Brown) + Footman Quest Clothes (Brown) + Footman Quest Boots (Brown)
Style 2
Footman Quest Cap (Green) + Footman Quest Clothes (Green) + Footman Quest Boots (Green)
Dove Feather + Teeny-Tiny Bird Clothing + Moonlight Thread Cinderella HP + 2 10,000 P
A dark brown jacket lined by gold with a ivory belt and strip of material going down the center with a row of gold buttons. Comes with a white collared shirt with long sleeves, gold pants, and dark brown miniature boots with a gold strap on each shoe. The cap is a brown beret with a band of gold that has a blue feather attached to it.

The other color has an ivy-green jacket, cap, and boots with navy pants. The collar is pale brown and the feather on the cap is an orange-gradient.

Attendant Quest Outfit Style 1
Attendant Quest Hat (Purple) + Attendant Quest Clothes (Purple) + Attendant Quest Shoes (Purple)
Style 2
Attendant Quest Hat (Red) + Attendant Quest Clothes (Red) + Attendant Quest Shoes (Red)
White Horse Mane + Stardust Rhinestone + Dove Feather Cinderella HP + 3 18,000 P
A white long-sleeved blouse is worn beneath is a lavender jacket detailed in gold with a middle strip of dark purple held by gold buttons. The shorts are styled like bloomers and come in purple with dark purple stripes. Includes a white frilly cravat and tights. The shoes are purple flats with pale pink frilly material on the tongue of each shoe. The hat is bright purple with a gold and lavender design and feather of white on the left of the head.

The other color variant is orange-brown with dark red strip to match the sleeves and hat band. The shorts are pumpkin-colored while the shoes are bright orange. The cap is white while the feather is yellow gradient.

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Chamberlain Quest Outfit Style 1
Chamberlain Quest Hat (Blue) + Chamberlain Quest Clothes (Blue) + Chamberlain Quest Boots (Blue)
Style 2
Chamberlain Quest Hat (Pink) + Chamberlain Quest Clothes (Pink) + Chamberlain Quest Boots (Pink)
Bluebird Feather + Princely Threat + Stardust Thread Cinderella HP + 4 70,000 P
A blue prince-inspired jacket with red and gold accenting. At the neck is a blue bow-tie to match the dark blue belt and blue gradient boots. Comes with white tights and a red cape. The hat is light blue with a red ribbon tied around the middle, lined in gold with a thick blue lining at the center of the bow. A gold medallion sits in the middle with three small white feathers.

The other version includes a fuchsia jacket, boots, and hat. The gold and red is now sky blue and white. The bow-tie, belt, and bow accent are dark purple.

Chancellor Quest Outfit Style 1
Chancellor Quest Hat (Purple) + Chancellor Quest Clothes (Purple) + Chancellor Quest Boots (Purple)
'Style 2
Chancellor Quest Hat (Red) + Chancellor Quest Clothes (Red) + Chancellor Quest Boots (Black)
Fairy Diamond Bubbles + Timekeeper Belle + Torn Cape Cinderella HP + 5 120,000 P
A gold jacket with a purple belt and lining of blue, white, and gold. The sleeves are purple striped to match the pants, and the top includes a pair of white gloves with gold cuffs. The boots are gold with cuffs of white, and on the back is a large white cape covered in gold designs. The hat resembles a sun hat and is white with gold lining and a dark purple ribbon lined in gold. Attached to the ribbon are two bent feathers, one blue and one purple.

The recolor includes red and gold, instead of purple. The boots are black with gold and light grey accenting. The belt is bow gold, while the collar is light grey. The hat is bright red with a ribbon of white and gold. The feathers are also white and gold.

Alice in WonderlandEdit

Outfit Name Pieces Materials Theme Bonus Cost
Stripy Cat Quest Outfit Style 1
Stripy Cat Quest Ears (Purple) + Stripy Cat Quest Clothes (Purple) + Stripy Cat Quest Shoes
Style 2
Stripy Cat Quest Ears (Pink) + Stripy Cat Quest Clothes (Pink) + Stripy Cat Quest Shoes
Striped Leaves + Snowbell + Felt Leaves Alice in Wonderland HP + 1 3,000 P
A white button up-shirt with the sleeves rulled up to the elbow. Comes with a black belt and scarf of lavender and lilac stripe. The pants are dark indigo and purple striped and comes with silver sneakers. On the head is a pair of purple cat ears.
Tweedle Quest Outfit Style 1
Tweedle Quest Hat (Red) + Tweedle Quest Clothes (Red) + Tweedle Shoes (Red)
Style 2
Tweedle Quest Hat (Blue) + Tweedle Quest Clothes (Blue) + Tweedle Shoes (Blue)
Bottomless Silk Hat + Torn Card + Jack's Thread Alice in Wonderland HP + 2 15,000 P
A white blouse worn with a short silver vest and brown bolo-tie at the collar. The grey pants are puffy and grey with a cyan cloth tied around the waist with it's tail on the right. Comes with brown boots that have cyan ties attached to the white cuff and a miniature brown cap with a sky blue band. It is worn on the left of the head.

The recolor includes pale brown instead of grey, while the boots, hat, and tie are black. Everything blue is now pink, while the cloth belt's tails are on the left hip, and the hat is worn to the right.

WVW69iTLtDsp6BvLKY White Rabbit Quest Outfit White Rabbit Quest Ears/White Rabbit Quest Hair + White Rabbit Quest Clothes + White Rabbit Quest Shoes Stripytail Leaves + Rabbit-Ear Lavender + Queen's Thread Alice in Wonderland HP + 3 18,000 P
It is composed of a beige and black vest worn over a white long-sleeved shirt. At the neck is purple material with a gold design at the center. The vest has long coat tails revealing a fluffy cotton tail on the backside. It comes with black jeans worn with a brown belt and gold pocket watch, along with brown shoes. The wig is a simple white hairstyle with spiked bangs with a pair of white rabbit ears sticking out from the top.
WVW69iTLvQ8F1xh7TY Alluring Rose Quest Outfit Alluring Rose Hairset/Alluring Rose Hair/Alluring Rose Ribbon + Alluring Rose Quest Dress + Alluring Rose Boots Stripytail Leaves + Pink Flamingo Feather + Bright White Rose Alice in Wonderland HP + 3 18,000 P
A frilly light pink dress with the chest resembling a white short blouse. On each wrist is a light pink ribbon held with a lavender rose to match the accessory at the center of the chest. Comes with pink and white plaid tights and light pink maryjane's with a pink ribbon at the tongue of each shoe. The wig is a short, raspberry-red hime-cut. The accessory is a large lavender rose with frilly, pale pink material attached to it, along with pearl chains.
WVW69iTLwyIss5XVuX Mad Hatter Quest Outfit Mad Hatter Quest Hat + Mad Hatter Quest Clothes + Mad Hatter Quest Shoes Dandy Silk Hat + Emerald Bubbles + Roly-Poly Bark Alice in Wonderland HP + 4 70,000 P
A teal jacket with gold shoulder pads and a black center held by tiny buttons. The cuff is black with white material sticking out of it. The jacket has long tails that appear white inside with black design, and on the stomach is a gold strap. At the neck is a pale red bow-tie. Comes with teal pants and tall black boots, along with a teal hat resembling the Mad Hatters. It has a card to the side and two card symbols; a black club on white background, and a pale brown spade on dark brown background .
WVW69iTLxYMoJxxYBV Maiden Quest Outfit Maiden Hair & Ribbon/Maiden Hair/Maiden Ribbon+ Maiden Quest Dress + Maiden Quest Pumps Jet Black Rose + Queen's Thread + Big Teardrop Alice in Wonderland HP + 4 70,000 P
A blue dress with long sleeves held by white frilled cuffs with a tiny black diamond pattern. On the dress is a white apron with black designs, and a white band around the bottom of the skirt that has black diamonds on it. White frills circle the bottom of the skirt, while at the neck is a black bow held by a gold medallion. Comes with sheer tights and black flats. The wig is a blonde hairstyle is chest in length with three large bangs and thin fringe covering the ear. At the center of the head is a large black bow with gold lines and white frills.
WVW69iTMNfw7W VVr Heart King Heart King Hair & Crown/Heart King Hair/Heart King Crown + Heart King Clothes + Heart King Shoes Whimsical Emerald Bubbles + Queen's Red Rose + King's Thread Alice in Wonderland HP + 5 120,000 P
A red royal robe lined in white fur on top of a fancy dark purple and gold top. The bottom half is black with gold design and it comes with grey point-toe shoes lined in gold with black bottoms. Comes with a large red and gold crown with the card symbols designed on it in gold. At the top is an indigo spade gem, while at the bottom in the center is an indigo club. The wig is brown with no visible bangs, reaching the shoulders in length with two, very noticeable sharp points on each side of the head.
WVW69iTMMoEF3-0npM Heart Queen Outfit Heart Queen Hair + Heart Queen Dress + Heart Queen Pumps Whimsical Emerald Bubbles + Queen's Red Rose + Glamorstone Plate Alice in Wonderland HP + 5 120,000 P
A regal princess dress composed of red and black, with accenting of white and gold. The skirt has pearl chains around it, while the layer below the top is a stripe of gold and white with card symbols lining the bottom. Comes with a gold choker with a red gem and long, above the elbow sheer gloves with gold bracelets. The heels are red with gold accent and black bottoms. The dress includes a bright red wig pulled up into a hair-shaped bun held by a gold tiara accented by pearls and ruby gems. The bangs are held together in a single sharp spike to the left of the head, while the fringe appears wavy.


Outfit Name Pieces Materials Theme Bonus Cost
Arabian Quest Outfit Style 1
Arabian Quest Cap (Teal) + Arabian Quest Clothes (Teal) + Arabian Quest Shoes (Teal)
Style 2
Arabian Quest Cap (Pink) + Arabian Quest Clothes (Pink) + Arabian Quest Shoes (Pink)
Traveler's Cloth + Dawn Lilium + Rubber Leaves Aladdin HP + 1 3,000 P
A yellow T-shirt worn under a teal vest and dark blue gem necklace. Tied around the stomach is a dark green band with a loose gold cloth held under it. Comes with loose, dark grey khapri pants, gold point-toe shoes, and gold bracelets. The cap is teal with a yellow design.

The recolor includes a pale pink shirt. The vest, stomach band, and pant cuffs are hot pink. A fuchsia cloth ties below the stomach band, while the pants are white. The shoes are fuchsia, white the bracelets are silver and the necklace is blue. The hat is hot pink.

Ruins Quest Outfit Style 1
Ruins Quest Circlet + Arabian Quest Wear (Blue) + Ruins Quest Shoes (Blue)
Style 2
Ruins Quest Circlet + Ruins Quest Wear (Red) + Ruins Quest Shoes (Red)
Caravan Cloth + Traveler's Cloth + Peacock Feather Aladdin HP + 2 10,000 P
This outfit has two colors, varied by gender. It includes a gold armor-like top with thick, loose white pants and brown boots. Accenting the boots is blue coloring to match the cloth tied around the waist. A single circled shoulder pad is on the right upper arm with brown and gold bands on each lower arm. Around the head is a forehead accessory.

The other version seems to be more feminine. While it looks the same, it's colors are raspberry, instead of blue. The headband is now composed of beads and a single red stone in the center, and it comes with a long black haired-wig tied into a braided ponytail.

WVW69iTL1aUbF20x8C Dunes Hero Quest Outfit Dunes Hero Quest Hat + Dunes Hero Quest Clothes + Dunes Hero Quest Shoes Golden Bracelet + Silvery Thread + Traveler's Cloth Aladdin HP + 3 15,000 P
Consists of a pale lilac shirt worn under a dark purple and gold vest with matching belt. The cuffs are gold, and it's pants are beige-gold. Around the shoulder is a scard of bright purple. Comes with purple point-toe shoes accented by gold and a matching hat.
WVW69iTL18EJXKi1r Dunes Dancer Quest Outfit Dunes Dancer Quest Circlet + Dunes Dancer Quest Clothes + Dunes Dancer Quest Shoes Dancer's Shawl + Silvery Thread + Bridal Veil Aladdin HP + 3 15,000 P
Consists of a lavender bikini-styled shirt accented by gold with gold jewelry hanging from it to match the earrings. It has many pieces of gold jewelry on the arms and gold sandals with jewelry on it. The skirt is straight and long and a variety of purples with a gold band around the top. The outfit comes with a black hair wig held into a long, thick ponytail held with a lavender band. The forehead has a gold accessory over it.
WVW69iTMIZgPgaj7z4 Desert Prince Quest Outfit Desert Prince Quest Hat + Desert Prince Quest Clothes + Desert Prince Quest Shoes Vibrant Parrot Feather + Genie Sparks + Spidersilk Fabric Aladdin HP + 4 70,000 P
A white long-sleeved shirt with gold cuffs and belt with a long, loose golden-orange vest worn on top of it. Comes with a pair of slightly puffed orange pants and gold pointed-toe shoes. On the head is a brown and golden-orange hat with a turqoise stone holding a single feather. On the upper torso are multiple necklaces.
WVW69iTL2qsIbJeGmA Desert Princess Quest Outfit Desert Princess Quest Circlet + Desert Princess Quest Attire + Desert Princess Quest Shoes Vibrant Parrot Feather + Dancer's Shawl + Spidersilk Fabric Aladdin HP + 4 70,000 P
A pale blue bikini top lined with gold dangles with a matching colored vest and pants. Comes with pale gold point-toe shoes and gold cuffs for each wrist, along with a gold choker; both of which are accented by pale blue stones. The user also gains a black wig resembling Princess Jasmine's hairstyle, including two large gold earrings and a gold tiara.
WVW69iTMHpQqsTD25H Desert King Quest Outfit Desert King Quest Hat + Desert King Quest Clothes + Desert King Quest Shoes Royal Velvet + Tiger Ruby Bubbles + Vibrant Parrot Feather Aladdin HP + 5 120,000 P
A white long-sleeved shirt with a golden designed lapel and cloth of turqoise and gold wrapped around the waist. Comes with slightly puffed pants with a line of gold on each leg, and bright yellow shoes. A long dark orange and gold cape is attached to the shoulders, while over the head is a white head piece with accents of turqoise and gold. Attached at the center is an orange gem with two large feathers on top of it; one purple and one pink.
WVW69iTMHKA1He6PSc-1 Desert Queen Quest Outfit Desert Queen Quest Hair + Desert Queen Quest Clothes + Desert Queen Quest Shoes Royal Velvet + Tiger Ruby bubbles + Dancer's Shawl Aladdin HP + 5 120,000 P
A long ivory and gold jacket with slightly puffed pants exposing the belly-button, along with golden point-toed shoes. The user gains a black wig worn with a gold head accessory and earrings with a large white veil hanging behind their head.



  • The 100 Acre Woods, Winnie the Pooh's world is the only world to lack quest-related outfits. Due to not being built the same way as the others are.
  • Cinderella's World is one of the only that require a special outfit to be made for quests. The other is Alice in Wonderland, which requires the player to make a card soldier costume of their choosing at one point.

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