Peter Pan: Mmm... smells great! It's a little too obvious to be a secret hideout... but I sure wouldn't mind stopping by to visit now and then!


Peter Pan: Holiday season, huh? No wonder everyone on town is in such a festive mood. See, we're always in a festive mood in Never Land!

Peter Pan: Rats! I went fishing, but I didn't even get a nibble. Fishing is harder than I thought...

Peter Pan: Why's it gotta be this way? I wish nobody ever had to grow up! Then we could play and have fun all day, every day!


Peter Pan: Aw, shucks!

Peter Pan: Ha ha! What's up?

Peter Pan: Hey, [Player]!

Peter Pan: That's the way to do it!

Peter Pan: Wahoo! That's fantastic!

Peter Pan: You must be one of my fans!

Peter Pan: You're not bad, you know?


Peter Pan: Those clothes... They're pretty nice! I guess that must be a popular look around here.