Pirates of the Caribbean World is one of the 6 worlds in Disney Magical World. Pirates of the Caribbean is the only world only avaliable though DLC


After purchasing the world though Bella, a ship will appear at the docks in Castleton. After you take the ship, you will arrive in the world. To return to castleton, simply talk to the older man by your ship at the docks. That ship also happens to be your portal to the dungeon. Pirates of the Caribbean World also has 14 episodes to enjoy and the player must have at least 16 or more stickers to acess it even if they already downloaded it.


  • Testing Your Pirate Mettle
  • Jack Sparrow's Deal
  • A Wooden Treasure?
  • Legendary Stone Tables
  • Jack Sparrow in Lockup
  • Secure a Big Ship!
  • The Last Stone Tablet
  • Starving Pirates Can't Wait
  • What Was Stolen?
  • Legendary Pirate's Treasure
  • Save Jack Sparrow!
  • Get the Pirate Flag Back!
  • Lucky Treasure Map Discovery
  • Defeat the Sacbrous Ghosts

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