Snow White: How lovely! And all the customers look perfectly happy, too. They must like it here! Tee hee!


Snow White: Good morning, [Player]  Did you have any good dreams last night? Judging by the smile on your face, I'd say the answer is yes!

Snow White: Housework is important to me. There's something about a tidy room that makes me feel so good inside. That... and being told my food is delicious!

Snow White: Oh, it's [Player]  I'm so glad to see you! I'm sure today is going to be another beautiful day. Listen--even the birds are singing a happy little tune!

Snow White: The sun sure is working hard! See how all these things are glittering? The trees and flowers are full of energy, thanks to the sun's bright rays.

Snow White: You know Dopey? he only put on one sock today. Completely forgot about the other one! I hope he isn't getting into any trouble...


Snow White: Aren't you cute!

Snow White: Greetings! Are how are you?

Snow White: Well, isn't that nice of you!

Snow White: What a lovely greeting!

Snow White: You must be having fun!

Snow White: You're too kind!


Snow White: Oh, that outfit! It looks so good on you! Yes, it's very attractive! The townsfolk have denfinitely taken notice, I can tell you that!

Snow White: Why, it's marvelous! I really love the kind of clothes you're wearing today, [Player]. It looks like we might have the same tastes!


Snow White: Making more friends... is such a lovely thing. That's why I'm glad we're friends! Your friendship is a true gift, [Player].


Snow White: Do you have a moment? I told the dwarfs I'd make them new clothes, but I don't seem to have enough fabric for all of them. They'll be so disappointed--they were really looking forward to their new outfits. Do you know where I can find seven outfits' worth of nice fabric?

Snow White: You'll try to find some for me? Really? That's so nice of you, [Player]! Everyone will be so happy! Thank you in advance!

Snow White: Is that what I think it is? I knew it! You found some fabric for me! Oh, I can make some truly lovely outfits for everyone with this. Tee hee! I wonder how they'll react when I give them their new clothes? I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Now I can't wait! Thank you so much, [Player]!

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