Sparkles are an equiptable item that the player can put onto their character after gaining enough Happy Stickers. They are of no use other than a customization object for the player to wear.

To purchase Sparkles the player must collect Nice Points; which are gained by getting compliments from characters for wearing an Ace Assembled outfit. The Sparkles are for purchase in the Fortune Tellers shop, run by Miss Teri.

The Sparkles can be bought in any order, with the next increasing in price.


Picture Name Description
Prism orb Rainbow orb sparkles
Superstar Gold diamonds
Blue energy Fading white sparkles
Mickey Aura Red and blue Mickey Heads
Red Stardust Sparkles of red, magenta, and white
Pink Energy Sparkles of Pink
Magical Card Hears, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds in purple and blue.
Neon Flower Petal Flowers of many colors
Blue Stardust Sparkles of white, blues, and  green
Melodic Note Rainbow music notes
Bashful Heart Translucent hearts
Mickey Aura (yellow, green) Yellow and Green Mickey Mouse heads
Pixie Basic white sparkles
Prismatic Small rainbow sparkles, somewhat like Prism Orb.
Raibow Comet Bright neon stars
Soap Bubble Bubbles that rise from the ground, mixed with white sparkles
Cherry Blossom Cherry blossom petals form around the character, mixed with light sparkles.
Mickey Aura (White) White mickey heads of alternating size form around the player. Also mixed with sparkles.
Mickey Aura (blue, purple) Blue and Purple mickey heads
Romantic Heart Hearts of pink and pale pink