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The Tower is a location in Castleton where Master Yen Sid resides. Inside his tower, he helps the player create magical wands for thier adventures in the dungeons.


The Tower is unlocked after the player collects 13 stickers. The tower is inbetween the portal to Cinderella's World portal and the Cafe. Once inside the player can speak with Yen Sid and acquire thier first wand. After that the player can return to Yen Sid with ingredients to upgrade thier wands. 

Sticker UnlockablesEdit

  • 13 Stickers = Unlocks the Tower
  • 77 Stickers = Unlocks the chest which gives the player a Happy Crown item and rolls the credits
  • 100 Stickers = Allows the player to take a picture with Yen Sid and Mickey. This also unlocks the Sorcerer's Apprentice Outfit.