Wands are the weapons of this game and are used to fend off the ghosts during quests in the various questing locations. They can shoot energy beams, balls, and with the use of a blue star - a special attack.

With each Wand bought, Yen Sid will provide the upgraded forms. Some wands can only be found in the Castleton Dungeon through recipe.


The magic color starts as pale blue and gradually turns sapphire. The special ability is an orb of light that forms into a slow swirling shape vaguely resembling a carriage.

Image Name Materials Appearance
Crystal 1 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1 Dove Feather A white wand with a topaz gem on the bottom. On top is a silver design with a sapphire diamond on top of it.
Moon Crystal 10 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1 moonlight thread, 1 white horse mane The top shape becomes bigger and gains four points at each corner. The gem turns turqoise. Below the design, the section turns purple, as does the tip of the wand bottom.
Dream Orb
Dream Orb 5 Sorcerer's Pupil Medal, 1 Stardust Rhinestone, 1 Sparkling Charm The handle shortens in length and the bottom tip is topaz again. The top is shaped like a metal carriage with a topaz point and a large purple-yellow orb at the center. On each side of the wand are two curls to resemble wheels.
Fortune Orb
Fortune Orb 10 Sorcerer's Pupil Medal, 1 Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Stardust thread The handle gains detailing and loses the topaz tip. The carriage gains ivory designs to resemble larger wheels and curled heart shapes.
Eternity Orb
Eternity Orb 5 Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Lggendary Sorcerers Medal, 1 Supernova charm A dark indigo wand with dull white on the top and bottom, with a small crystal on the tip. Sitting on the top is a curled, pearl-lilac tiara hiding a large orb. On the tip of the tiara is an amethyst.


The magic color starts as a sparkly white, blue, pink, and purple and becomes violet through upgrades. The special ability for the normal wands involves a sparkling, swirling vortex.

Image Name Materials Appearance
Jeweled 3 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1 Broken Clock Spring A white and blue swirled wand with a green sphere on the bottom. Near the top is a swirly plastic vine with a single red orb attached to it.
Jeweled Wand of Clubs 10 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1 torn card, 1 wibbly-wobbly spoon A light blue and dark indigo striped wand. The sphere on bottom remains green but gains a gold piece of material above it. The top is a gold, loose shape resembling a club, holding a green orb on top. Tied on the left are two small, dark indigo ribbon depicting small clubs; one cyan and the other white.
Jeweled Wand of Diamonds 5 Sorcerer's Pupil Medal, 1 pink flamingo feather, 1 striped leaves A white and magenta striped wand with a fuchsia diamond at the tip of the handle, held onto a cyan strip. On top is a silver, fancy diamond shape with a pink diamond in the center, attached to a pink bow with spots of pale pink and blue.
Jeweled Wand of Spades 10 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1   Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Space Spear A purple handle with black stripes. The bottom is a black gem heart held on grey material. On top of the wand is a large amethyst spade surrounded by a black and gold spiked cloth. On the front and back are two small banners lined in gold; one side is a white and purple diamond pattern, the other is black with a white spade. On each side of the wand are two ribbons; one purple and one black. 
Jeweled Wand of Hearts 5 Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Legendary Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Heart Spear A red, white, and black wand. On the bottom is a gold band with an upside-down ruby heart. On top is a gold section with a thick, pale cream band adorned by the red and black card symbols. Bands of crimson cloth hang from the section on each side. On top of this are gold bands shaped like a crown with a large ruby heart in the center. On the very top of the gold design is a tiny spiked crown.


The magic color appear to be golden-orange, resembling a flame. It's special ability summons a glittering purple and golden wisp tornado.

Image Name Materials Appearance
Roc Feather 3 Sorcerers Apprentice medal, 1 Roc's Feather A white wand with a gold bottom. The top has a dark grey section with a base of dark indigo-black, where a white Roc stands. It has a single crimson feather on top of it's head, and from it's beak a small flame emits.
Lamp 10 Sorcerer's Apprentice Medal, 1 Peacock Feather, 1 Broken Lamp The wand remains the same, but instead of the Roc on top, a golden lamp sits. A slightly bigger purple flame erupts from the tip.
Magic Lamp
Magic Lamp 5 Sorcerer's Pupil Medal, 1 Broken Lamp, 1 Genie Spark The wand remains the same color but gains a slightly different shape. On the bottom is a dark mauve point. The lamp is bigger with a fancier handle and design etched on it. On the lid is a big crystal. The flame is green and cyan.
Palace Lamp
Magic Palace 10 Sorcerer's Pupil medal, Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Band Trumpet The top becomes beige and has many gold sections to give it the appearance of a palace. On each tip, except for the center is a cyan flame.
Golden Scarab 5 Eminent Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Legendary Sorcerer's Medal, 1 Lost King Scarab A light brown rod with a black section just below the red topper. On the bottom is a red stone, while attached to the top is a large gold scarab with it's wings spread out.


Image Name Price Theme Appearance Basic Magic Special
Beginners' Free Castleton A lavender stick with a bright ice blue, spiked orb on top. Gold glittering spheres Golden bursts of light
Dreamfruit $1.00 (DLC) Cinderella A white stick with thin curls around it. Below the topper is a blue section. Two big leaf connect to a vine that curls around the wand. On top is a pumpkin with a blue center.
Striped Tail $1.00 (DLC) Alice in Wonderland A pink and dark pink striped cat tail with a curved tip.

White with a dark blue tint and a trail of pink cat paws.

Dark blue and black chesire heads and paws shoot towards the target.

$1.00 (DLC)

Aladdin A white and black stick with a gold bangle on top attached to a big blue pointing hand. On the bottom is a geen orb.

Secret WandsEdit

These wands can be found in recipe form at the Castleton Dungeon and Quest Area.

Image Name Materials Appearance Magic Specials
Crystal Rose Wand
Crystal Rose Wand Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (5), Shining Glass Medal (1), Fairy Sparkle (1) A crystal blue wand with a crystal gem on the bottom tip. So far up is a pale yellow ring, with the rest of the rod a melon color with two sections of leaf attached. There are two large lilac roses placed amongst the leaf.
Wonderwatch Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (5), Mysterious Heart Medal (1), Daydream Tale (1) A gold wand with two pale gold clasps; one on top and one on the bottom. A large gold watch sits on top with black spinning hands and numbers wrote in white. On top is a blue and white striped bow, and surrounding the watch is a large chain. 
Mickey Wand
Mickey Star Wand Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (3), Mickey Star Medal A black staff with a crimson sphere on the bottom and coloring on top to resemble Mickey's shorts with a bow-tie. The ornament on top is a gold mickey head with three pearls on the lower left corner of it. The left ear is cut out with a star shape, while spinning in the center is a red spiked gem. 
Goofy Wand
Goofy Star Wand Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (3), Goofy Star Medal (1) Dark blue rod with yellow gem tip and golden-orange top with a gold circle attached to it. Three pearls line the bottom corner, while in the center is a spinning emerald spiked gem. On top of the circle is Goofy's hat.
Donald Wand
Donald Star Wand Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (3), Donald Star Medal White staff with a royal blue sphere on the bottom. The top is stylized like Donald's Shirt, while the ornament on top is a gold circle with three pearls and a spinning spiked royal-blue gem. On the left is Donald's hat.
Snake Wand
Snake Wand Legendary Sorcerer's Medal (5), Desert Sun medal, Midnight Cape A cartoony green and gold snake with a brown sphere at the very bottom. Around the middle is a gold bangle, while on the top of the Snake is a royal hat.