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Winnie the Pooh's World is one of the 6 worlds in Disney Magical World and it's upcoming sequel Disney Magical World 2


Pooh's World is a large open space with several trees, some of the character's homes, and Rabbit's Garden. Rabbit's Garden is one of the biggest features as it allows the player to plant seeds and farm ingredients and flowers for the cafe. Pooh's world does not have a dungeon but does contain episodes. These episodes involve everything from collecting items to looking for the characters. Most missions allow you to leave the world but some require you to stay until the mission is over.

Episodes 1Edit

  • Grow Plants in the Field!
  • Cultivate Some Honey!
  • Unusual Honey
  • Take Good Care of Tools!
  • Introducing Mr. Honeypot
  • Let's Build a Bridge!
  • Keep Our Forest Clean
  • Let's Play Hide-and-Seek!
  • Eeyore's Favorite Food
  • Refreshing Hide-and-Seek?!
  • Owl's Lecture?
  • A Frightening Shadow
  • Tigger's Grand Stage!
  • Grow Owl's Seed!
  • Find Eeyore's Tail
  • Secret of the Sparkle Seed
  • Everyone's Precious Things
  • Pooh's Come Unstitched

Episode 2Edit

  • An Honest Day's Work
  • Hunny Harvest
  • Hop Do You Do?
  • Sweet Spot for a Hunny Party
  • Pooh's Problems!
  • Reaching New Heights
  • Special Hunny Bunny
  • Piglety Teapot
  • Thistle Do
  • No Party Like a Hunny Party
  • Carving Cookies
  • The Rarer the Better
  • Where Did Roo Go?
  • Swimming in Hunny
  • A Pretty Sweet Party
  • Kanga Crochet
  • Eeyore's House
  • Hide and Go Seek

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